Saturday, March 12, 2011

Philadelphia Dysfunction and Guam Success The Archdiocese's apparent release of all the files pertinent to the Grand Jury Report begs some questions.

My sister once asked why we do not move on to forgiveness and mercy of our church leaders. 

I have followed this line of reflection asking myself the same thing over and over.  Forgive and move on-let's hear something positive for a change. 

I have found a profound writer who gives reasons why we cannot give up on this and other issues.  Marci Hamilton is a lawyer with a heart and one of the sharpest minds in her field.  Few Catholics are aware of the consequences of letting this go and moving on. By leaving the issue, we will draw more of the same personalities that will be provided a safe haven.  The survivor's videos are heart wrenching.....

Basically, what I have come to know is that the hierarchy will not attend to this issue or any issue that impacts the flow of money and power to their coffers unless force comes from other directions.  They bank on past memories assuring the Catholic public will simply get tired and move on....thus the millions of Catholic dollars (over 2 billion to date)spent on delay tactics in courts assuring laws protecting statute of limitations are NOT changed and the names of perpetrators are not reported. Their words to listen to victims and act compassionately from one side of their mouths do not match the actions coming out of their feet.  Those who are working at the center of the issue have discovered how the hierarchy's actions continue to deceive all of us.  Until the hierarchy is willing to be fully transparent, we need be vigilant, voice-filled and support those called who will  change that direction.

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