Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prayer for Ordination of Women to be taken to the Wailing Wall in Isreal

Dear Readers,
     Two new followers, Bruce and Susan, will be traveling to Israel within the next few weeks.  They will take this prayer to the Wailing Wall, and in addition to this, they will pray there for all of our needs.  On the back of this prayer, I will put your name.  Please feel free to make add comments about your needs below. 

Prayer for Ordination of Women

God our Father and Mother, You have chosen Jesus to reveal Yourself to us. You have given us each other to
show us Your love. You have chosen the priesthood  of your people to be a sign of that your love never fades.
We pray that the Holy Spirit continue to fill us with Your peace and joy as women respond to your call and prepares to be Your priestly servant.  We pray that women priests may proclaim the wonder of Your
faithfulness and love to all through Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen.

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Dr john Thatcher said...

anyone interested in the role of the Christian woman- please - PLEASE see this well thought out, quiet and logical presentation