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Maryknoll Order Threatens Fr. Roy Bourgeois

For all of the readers, I would like you to know the head of the Maryknoll community, Edward Dougherty, is no relation (that I am aware of) and I find his actions shameful. The entire scenario is an act of bullying that threatens the psychological health of our entire Catholic Community.
In talking of these possible consequences last December, Fr. Ray said he would just as soon walk to a soup kitchen with a clean conscience as bend to his unjust dictate. Good for you Fr. Ray.
He has been in community and served as a priest for 40 years. If the community follows through with their threats, he may well be left with little more than the minimal amount his social security brings.
He is making a bold move in pursuing hierarchical disobedience. And I will follow suit by being ordained on April 2.....I have never been so proud in my life!

Don't be a bysander! You can act on his behalf by:
Signing a petition
call or write....

Call Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, Maryknoll Superior General at (914) 941-7590
Send a letter to Rev. Dougherty at PO Box 305 Maryknoll, NY 10545-0305
Send a letter of support to Fr. Roy at PO Box 3330 Columbus, GA 31903

Diane Dougherty 
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maryknoll Order Threatens Fr. Roy Bourgeois with Dismissal from Order For Support of Roman Catholic Women Priests A Revolution or Holy Shakeup

Fr. Roy Bourgeois

Bishop Dana Reynolds,

Janice Sevre-Duszynska
Bridget Mary's Reflection:
Congratulations Fr. Roy Bourgeois! You are a prophet.

You crossed the VATICAN LINE. Your support of women priests have angered the bullies in the Vatican. Now they are demanding that you recant or you will be thrown out of the Maryknoll Order. Your are in big trouble for your courageous witness to Gospel equality in the Catholic Church! Just like the prophets of old! Thank you!

Shame! Shame on the Maryknoll Priests General; Edward Dougherty for giving in to such oppressive tactics. Is this how Jesus would behave? This kind of response manifests a domineering consciousness and not the Christ consciousness to which Jesus calls us. More than any order, the Maryknolls are aware of the connection between "might makes right" and the suffering of women, children, and all marginalized peoples.

Instead of standing up to the Vatican and shining their light by supporting Fr. Roy, and women priests, the Maryknolls are retrenching into medieval darkness by supporting the Vatican's abuse of power. Now is the time for Catholics to put their money where their hearts are and support the grassroots communities that foster justice and equality.

The Vatican and Maryknoll are on the wrong side of history again. Women worldwide are rising up for religious equality. Roman Catholic Women Priests have reclaimed our ancient heritage of leadership in the early Christian community. Women Priests are visible reminders that women are equal images of God, and are therefore worthy to celebrate the sacraments and interpret the Gospel from their lived experiences.

Our Spirited movement is growing in Canada, U.S. Europe and in Latin America. Now more priests , bishops nuns, and theologians are expressing their support and solidarity with the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement. We owe a debt thanks to Fr. Roy Bourgeois for being a courageous witness to the words of Jesus who called women and men to be disciples and equals. For the Catholic hierarchy, women priests are a revolution, for Fr. Roy and millions of people, the time has come for this holy shakeup!

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Bridget Mary Meehan,

RCWP 941-955-2313

Janice Sevre-Duszynska, RCWP


Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers • Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc. PO Box 305 • Maryknoll, New York 10545-0305 Phone: (914) 941-7590 Rev. Roy L. Bourgeois, M.M. P.O. Box 3330 Columbus, GA 31903

First Canonical Warning

Dear Father Bourgeois,

Since the September 27, 2006 letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was received we have been in communication with you via letter, and at least two meetings where you were ordered to recant your public views on the ordination of women priests and clearly told not to participate in their meetings and public events. You were Excommunicated Latae Senteniae reserved to the Apostolic See because after a canonical warning by the Society in 2008 you failed to recant within the stated 30 days from contumacy and disregard for the Magisterium of the Church on the matter of women's ordination (ct. 1347 CIC). . According to our documentation, you continued to speak publicly in favor of women's ordination in disobedience to the explicit instructions of your Superiors and recently participated (Feb. 12, 2011) in a panel of speakers following the showing of the film "Pink Smoke over the Vatican" at Barnard College in New York City. Sufficient time has now passed for you to consider the gravity of the matter. You are hereby asked one final time by the Superior General and his Council to publicly recant and accept the teaching of the Church on this serious matter concerning priestly ordination and the explicit teaching of the Church. : Having heard the advice of my Council, the Maryknoll Bishops' Advisory Board, and consultations with the Holy See, I now hereby declare that you will be dismissed from the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers) unless you publicly recant your views on the ordination of women and agree to obey your legitimate Superiors. If you fail to comply within fifteen (15) days of receipt of this first canonical warning, I will issue a second canonical warning. If you fail to respond to the second canonical warning, I will proceed with dismissal by submitting evidence of your contumacy as a priest who publically rejects the teaching of the Holy Father (C. 1371), also a priest who acted illegitimately in “communicatio in sacris” –such as participation in an invalid ordination ceremony of a woman (C. 1384). “Concelebrating” Mass with women analogous to simulation of the Eucharist (C. 1379), giving scandal to the Christian faithful in a serious matter over a two-year period (C. 1399) and Disobedience to the instructions and warnings of your legitimate Superiors and the Apostolic See (C. 601; MK Const. 40). The dismissal will be submitted to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for confirmation with a request for laicization. \. The Reasons for the Dismissal: In Accordance with Canon 696.1

1. For obstinate disobedience of your legitimate Superiors in violation of Canon Law and your Oath to the Society and the Magisterium of the Church in a grave matter.

2. Grave scandal given to the people of God, the Church, especially in the United States, and many of the Maryknoll Priests and Brothers.

3. Diffusion of teachings opposed to the definitive teaching of John Paul II and the Magisterium of the Church. (Cf. C. 1024; Ordinatio Sacerdotalis N.4 1994, AAS87 -1995-,1114) You have a right under law to self-defense, including a canonical counsel in this matter at all stages. You have a right to present to me, in person at in writing, your defense against this first canonical warning and proposed dismissal within fifteen (15) days of receipt of this warning. Please be advised of the seriousness of this matter.

Give at Maryknoll NYMarch 18, 2011 (signed)

Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, M.M. Superior General (signed)

Rev. Edwin J. McGovern, M.M. Secretary General
Posted by Bridget Mary at 2:34 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The First Woman Ordained in Latin America by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making History Again: The First Woman Ordained in Latin America by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Marta Sota, newly ordained priest
on right is presented to assembly
by Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan

From left to right:
Olga Alvarado, first
Latin American Woman Priest
ordained in Sarasota Florida,
Judy Lee, Program Coordinator for Latin America,
Bridget Mary Meehan, and Marta Soto, first woman ordained
a Roman Catholic Woman Priest in Latin America.

From left to right:
Olga Alvarado,Judy Lee, Bridget Mary, Marta Soto

On March 20, 2011 Marta Soto was ordained by Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan. This historic ordination took place in an ecumenical center for justice and peace in a poor neighborhood where property was protected by high fences. When we entered the small rooms with old classroom chairs and wooden tables, it appeared to be a place like any other. We greeted the people assembled and formed a procession where neighborhood leaders, nuns, children, a Roman Catholic priest and a Presbyterian pastor joined us. Those gathered welcomed us with warmth, enthusiasm, and joyful anticipation of the history to be made.

Then the director of the center, a priest, stepped forward to greet us and explain the artifacts in the room. The chairs labeled with the names of people who became martyrs. The large painting behind our makeshift altar, covered with a cloth made by indigenous people, revealed haunting faces of “los desaparecidos,” the many women and men who were taken during a time of holocaust in “war zones” as farmers protected their land. The priest showed us a large rock that was used to murder those who resisted oppression and those who stood with them. Many nuns, priests, missionaries, and lay ministers were among them. He showed relics and shared stories of the modern day martyrs and saints. Silence and emotion encircled us as we realized that we were encompassed by a large cloud of witnesses who continue to support equality and justice for all.

We were reminded of the statement from the Conference of Latin American Bishops held in Medellin, Colombia in 1968 that justice is a constitutive dimension of the Gospel: “The Christian quest for justice is a demand arising from biblical teaching…We have faith that our love for Christ and our brothers and sisters will not only be the great force liberating us from injustice and oppression, but also the inspiration for social justice, understood as a whole of life and as an impulse toward the integral growth of our countries."

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests affirm this prophetic vision and dedicate our lives of service to justice for all, justice for the poor, justice for women including women in the Roman Catholic Church, which mandates the ordination of women in a renewed priestly ministry united with the people we serve.

Judy Lee, RCWP, program coordinator for Latin America, moved to tears, responded in Spanish that we were deeply grateful to share this holy space, and we join them in solidarity on this sacred ground. We will include these saints in our Litany of Saints in our ordinations. The priest responded that the issue of women in the church is a prime example of injustice, and expressed solidarity with women who are called to be priests. He needed to return his work and was not able to stay for the ordination. Another priest was with us. He is a prominent theologian and educator who in fact, taught theology to our ordinand and other women present. He assisted us throughout the ceremony.

Here, embraced by those who suffered and gave everything we stepped forward to ordain the second South American woman priest. The first, Olga Alvarado, was ordained in December in Sarasota, Florida.

Before the Liturgy of the Word, Olga presented the reasons Marta should be ordained, all present nodded in assent and affirmation. Marta was surrounded by two of her adult children and many friends and supporters.

After an impassioned homily delivered by Bridget Mary and translated by Olga, people were emotional, responding with tears and applause as Marta Soto was ordained. All present came forward to bless her with the laying on of hands.

During the time of giving thanks for supporters, a pastor of a local Christian Church stepped forward, welcomed Marta into the ecumenical community, and strongly affirmed support for our women priests. Marta ended the time of giving thanks with a poem she wrote that speaks of realizing the dream of equality and justice through active resistance.

After the final blessing given by Bridget Mary and Marta, all embraced, dancing with one another in compassion and solidarity.
Later in the evening, we met with five applicants and their supporters. We were excited and moved to learn how their justice and compassion oriented ministries are in solidarity with the poor and outcast. We also noted that the theological preparation of these women was, in fact, outstanding. The local Catholic University is progressive as and there are many other learning opportunities.
It was stated that a local archbishop answered a young woman’s question regarding ordination by saying that the ground is prepared and the acceptance of women’s ordination to the priesthood may take ten years but it will come in the young woman’s lifetime!
The harvest is ready and the women are stepping forward as Roman Catholic Women Priests!

Judy Lee, RCWP
Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP

Philadelphia Is the Ireland of America

God vs Gavel

Philadelphia Is the Ireland of America

Waves of betrayal rock the Church in Philadelphia; one Catholic family after another has family photos of precious rites of passage that include a pedophile.

By Marci A. Hamilton, March 19, 2011

The United States is witnessing the meltdown of the Philadelphia Roman Catholic Archdiocese and its hierarchy. Two hard-hitting Grand Jury reports castigating the Archdiocese for its extensive and persistent cover up of child sex abuse by priests have led the vast majority of Philly Catholics to previously unimaginable depths of disgust and anger.
But few outside the city can fully understand how this scandal is affecting the fabric of Philadelphia. Philly is a lot more like Ireland than Boston or Los Angeles, which have dealt with their own large-scale clergy abuse scandals.
They say that Philadelphia has the largest percentage of people who are born, live, and then die in the same city. How does a Philadelphian identify where they live? The local parish. If two Philadelphians meet, more often than not, they start comparing their Catholic universes—Roman Catholic High School or St. Joe's Prep, Our Lady of Good Counsel elementary or Aloysius Academy, Villanova University, Lasalle University, or St. Joe's. If you don't know them, chances are you know their siblings or cousins. I'm a Presbyterian from Dallas, Chicago, and Nashville, so when I first moved here to be with my husband, these conversations befuddled me. Who cares if they used to live near St. Ignatius? It took a while before I understood that all of this was shorthand for a richly detailed Catholic universe of relationships.
In Ireland, families and parishes also are connected by fewer than six degrees of separation. Sadly, there are many Catholics and an extraordinary number of victims of priests. When the ugly reality emerged into public view, if you weren't a victim, you were a victim's parent, or cousin, or lifelong friend. Everyone was hurt, and therefore angry. The fury swept away the last vestiges of the Roman Catholic Church's involvement in the government and left many lifelong church attendees with free Sundays and a new, more cynical view of religion, if not God.
The abuse scandal there has been documented by government-appointed commissions. In Philadelphia, two Grand Jury Reports have led to the public release of long lists of abusing priests. In the 2005 Report, 63 priests were named. In the wake of the 2011 Report, the Archdiocese has had to lay off 27 active priests, alongside the two who were criminally charged.
People are looking at each other and saying, "Oh my God, Avery married me." Or "Kline christened my baby, too." "I wasn't abused, but my mom was buried by Brennan."
Here is what we have in Philadelphia: The Cardinals' cover up of the abusers left child predators in ministry. They may have been moved from parish to parish, or school to parish, but they performed the standard sacraments for one family after another. That means that in addition to sexually assaulting children, they presided over untold numbers of christenings, first holy communions, confirmations, marriages, and funerals. So one Catholic family after another has family photos of precious rites of passage that include a pedophile.
My own child was christened by an undisclosed pedophile, who suddenly left St. John the Evangelist in Morrisville without explanation. We later learned he had ruined the life of an adolescent boy, and his entire family. Who knows who else?
Philly Catholics were angry when they heard about the contents of the 2005 Grand Jury Report released in the newspapers, but most never read it. It was over 450 pages, and Cardinal Rigali immediately took to the airwaves, promising no more cover up and more compassionate care of the victims. Loyalty is valued in Philly, and Catholics generally believed Rigali and, therefore, they gave the Archdiocese the benefit of the doubt.
But when the 2011 Report was issued, they felt deeply, deeply betrayed. Following the Report, along with many solemn pledges from the pulpit, Rigali had stepped up his public relations to victims. It was a sophisticated public relations campaign—you could hardly avoid him. But when the victims arrived at the Archdiocese's doorstep, the victims' program coordinators betrayed them by sharing their confidential reports with the Archdiocese's attorneys. It was fraud, pure and simple.
Once the names of twenty-four active priests were released, it hit all Philly Catholics—they had been defrauded, too. So many of the men they revered, who guided them through the celebrations and tragedies of life, were evil. And the Cardinals knew.

Marci A. HamiltonMarci A. Hamilton is the Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University and author of Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children (Cambridge, 2008) and God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the Rule of Law (Cambridge, 2005, 2007).





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Press Release Ordination to Diaconate Sarasota, FL

Release date: March 18, 2011
Contact: Janice Sevre-Duszynska at 859-684-4247, rhythmsofthedance@msn.com
Bridget Mary Meehan, 941-955-2313, 703-505-0004, sofiabmm@aol.com
See http://www.associationofromancatholicwomenpriests.org/  http://bridgetmarys.blogspot.com/  Press Conference Information below.
On Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 3:00 p.m., Diane Dougherty of Newnan, Georgia; Dr. Adele Decker Jones of San Antonio, Texas; Miriam (Mary Ann) Picconi and Wanda Y. Russell of Palm Coast, Florida will be ordained deacons.  The presiding bishop will be Bridget Mary Meehan.  The ceremony will take place at St. Andrew UCC at 6908 Beneva Rd., Sarasota, FL 34238.

The ordinands are theologically prepared and have many years of experience in ministry.

The Women Priests movement in the Roman Catholic Church advocates a new model of priestly ministry united with the people with whom we minister.  We stand in prophetic obedience to Jesus who calls women and men to be disciples and equals.  The movement began with the ordination of seven women on the Danube in 2002.  Today there are over 124 in the movement worldwide.

The unique focus of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is on justice and equality:

1. We seek equality for women in the church including ordination, and justice for all.
2. We serve the poor and marginalized.
3. We live the spiritual and social justice tradition of the church in inclusive communities of equals.

As part of a U.S. tour, Dr. Patricia Fresen, a Roman Catholic Woman Bishop and internationally known speaker, will give a talk (“Transformed by Compassion”), on April 9, 2011 at 4 p.m. at St. Andrew UCC.  Contact Bridget Mary.

“Pink Smoke Over the Vatican,” the award winning documentary film about the ordination of Roman Catholic Women Priests, will be shown on April 30 at 3:30 p.m., at St. Andrew UCC.  Contact Bridget Mary.

Media are invited to a pre-ordination press conference with the candidates and Bridget Mary Meehan at 1 p.m. on April 2 at St. Andrew's.  For questions regarding the press conference call Janice at 859-684-4247 or Bridget Mary at 941-955-2313, 703-505-0004.  For information from the candidates contact Diane at 770-683-8101, add57@numail.org Dr. Jones at 210-694-2304, adelejonesdmin@aol.com  Miriam at 502-321-6817, miriampicconi@gmail.com and Wanda at 502-320-6814, Tawanda0504@aol.com

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People Power Needed Now

 Comment:  This entire piece is worth reading and spreading.....I cannot help but think US priests feel the same.  Beyond the commentary-I highly recommend reading the full article.
Diane Dougherty         http://www.associationofromancatholicwomenpriests.org/

With permission of the author, Terry Fewtrell, a Catholic layperson and retired former senior civil servant based in Canberra, we present this article he had published in The Canberra Times on 8th March 2011 as a Catholica editorial. In light of the recently released Wilkinson Report [LINK] and the review of a timely new book "Our Fathers: what Australian Catholic priests really think about their lives and their church" by Chris McGillion and John O'Carroll which we publish today [LINK], we believe Mr Fewtrell's article speaks for many of the mainstream baptised today who are extremely fed up at the way in which we have been let down by our current and recent bishops and by those who control the institutional agenda in Rome. Thanks to the foresight of previous generations of bishops, priests, religious women and men, as well as lay people the Church in Australia today is not in crisis in terms of the size, qualifications or the remuneration paid to its front-line workforce. Its physical infrastructure is in superb condition and the Church is financially strong and stable thanks to the massive flow of funds that ultimately come from tax paying lay Catholics and the recognition of the broader Australian population of the value of the Catholic Church as a provider of educational, health care, aged care and social welfare services to this nation. The only "crisis" today is a crisis of leadership in Rome and at the way in which the Australian episcopal leadership has been stacked by Rome by men who today are only interested in serving a tiny remnant minority totally unrepresentative of the broader Body of Christ. As Mr Fewtrell argues in this editorial it is an injustice that is today being inflicted on our ageing priests who have given a lifetime of service to the people of this nation by an episcopal leadership that has lost touch with reality and lost touch with the Holy Spirit after whom this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit was originally named. What Terry Fewtrell has to say deserves to have wide circulation in the Australian Catholic community and we urge readers of Catholica to print it out, or email the pdf version of this page which you will find HERE, and circulate it as widely as possible in your local communities.

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Philadelphia Dysfunction and Guam Success The Archdiocese's apparent release of all the files pertinent to the Grand Jury Report begs some questions.

My sister once asked why we do not move on to forgiveness and mercy of our church leaders. 

I have followed this line of reflection asking myself the same thing over and over.  Forgive and move on-let's hear something positive for a change. 

I have found a profound writer who gives reasons why we cannot give up on this and other issues.  Marci Hamilton is a lawyer with a heart and one of the sharpest minds in her field.  Few Catholics are aware of the consequences of letting this go and moving on. By leaving the issue, we will draw more of the same personalities that will be provided a safe haven.  The survivor's videos are heart wrenching.....

Basically, what I have come to know is that the hierarchy will not attend to this issue or any issue that impacts the flow of money and power to their coffers unless force comes from other directions.  They bank on past memories assuring the Catholic public will simply get tired and move on....thus the millions of Catholic dollars (over 2 billion to date)spent on delay tactics in courts assuring laws protecting statute of limitations are NOT changed and the names of perpetrators are not reported. Their words to listen to victims and act compassionately from one side of their mouths do not match the actions coming out of their feet.  Those who are working at the center of the issue have discovered how the hierarchy's actions continue to deceive all of us.  Until the hierarchy is willing to be fully transparent, we need be vigilant, voice-filled and support those called who will  change that direction. 


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Project "VATICAN III – from below“

Project "VATICAN III – from below“
Up to now, IMWAC (and Platform „We are Church“) have been continuously raising awareness
in respect to (almost) all reform themes, have arranged meetings, published books and undertaken
many other activities. However, substantial reforms have not been implemented by the leader(s)
of our Church – except for blockades. Therefore, the movement of the IMWAC is called to initiate
a last powerful endeavour. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II (from 11
October 1962 to 7 December 1965) we are preparing a VATICAN III – from below in Rome:
− 7 December 2015: solemn Public Proclamation of the documents of Vatican III
− 8 December 2015: final celebration in Rome.
The plan is to rework and complement the four Constitutions (C), the nine Decrees (D) and
the three Statements (S) of the Vatican II in the light of a new genuine “Aggiornamento” in
accordance with the requirements of the modern society and new theological knowledge. In case
of need, structural issues of these documents should be also addressed. In doing so, the tradition of
the Church has to be taken into consideration.
The documents of the Vatican II will be summarized in nine themes (see below). At least
nine country groups of IMWAC should each select one theme which they should overwork
till September 2015. A huge and important project like this cannot be completed without an
international allocation of tasks. All reform movements are cordially invited to participate in
this project. However, the Platform should be always responsible for the coordination to avoid
friction losses through uncoordinated approaches. The end results of all themes will be assembled
and finalized by the Executive Committee of the “Circle of the 12” (see time schedule below)
and approved in a three-day General Meeting in September 2015. After further amendments and
corrections, the final document will be presented to the public at a Press Conference on Friday, 4
December 2015, in Rome. For 7 December 2015, there is a Demonstration March of all Peoples
to the Vatican planned where the documents will be adopted in a Public Proclamation at St.
Peter’s Square.
Participants - 2015 in Rom
To have as many people as possible participating in the Demonstration March in Rome, it is
recommended to start with the “promotion process” as soon as possible in 2011. Our members and
sympathizing fellow-travellers should be planning a one-week holiday in Rome for the beginning
of December 2015. Our goal is to have about 450 people participating in the Demonstration
March: 100 each from Austria, Germany and Italy, and 150 from other European countries and
other continents.
The nine areas of themes for the nine country groups are proposed as follows:
(abbreviations C, D and S see above):
1. Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (C), specifically further development of
2. Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (C), specifically the theology of the “Communio”
3. Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (C), Social Communications (D) and
4. Constitution on Sacred Liturgy (C)
5. Bishops in the Church (D), specifically “Communio” and particular Churches)
6. Ecumenism (D) and Eastern Churches (D)
7. Lay People (D) and Christian Education (S)
8. Priestly Training (D) and Life of Priests (D)
9. Renewal of Religious Life (D), Religious Freedom (S) and Relations with Non-Christians (S)
Contents, Tasks and Responsibilities
Final debriefing
Great Demonstration March of the Peoples to the Vatican
and Public Proclamation of the documents of Vatican III at St.
Peter’s Square (alternative location in case of rain: church close
by or meeting hall)
Saturday/Sunday Debriefing of the Press Conference
Last preparation for Monday, 7 December 2015
Press Conference in Rome
4 December 2015
Integration of recommended changes (editorial team)
3 December 2015 Last preparations for Press Conference (list of speakers for 7
Meeting for Final Resolution in Rome (meeting hall for
Rental of the
2 December 2015 around 400 participants, with translator service); only minor
meeting room in
changes of documents possible.
End of
Final three-day General Meeting in Vienna, Munich or
September 2015 Innsbruck: resolution on all documents of the Council; till end
of October, recommended changes will be incorporated in
document by editing team
September 2014 Rental of meeting rooms and time schedules (specifically of the
Demonstration March of the Peoples) to be sent to Rome
Starting shot: publication of final distribution of tasks and
responsibilities (i.e., composition of documents of Vatican III),
simultaneous press conferences in all participating countries
April 2012
Election of the Executive Committee „Circle of the 12“: 6
board members and 6 deputies: Austria, Germany, Italy/South
Tyrol and three deputies from other countries
From October
The groups will be working on the documents taken over; in the
2011 to February case that a group or country cannot manage its task, a restitution
resp. redistribution to another group or groups will be arranged.
Finalization of tasks and responsibilities latest by March 2012.
October 2011
Distribution of tasks and responsibilities of editing the
Council’s documents to the groups resp. countries of IMWAC
June/July 2011
Resolution of IMWAC on the project in general; reflection
process on which group will be working on what themes till
October 2011
From March till Consultation within IMWAC, specifically Germany
June 2011
From February
Preliminary consultations in Vienna, in the board of the
till March 2011 Austrian „We are Church“; board resolution of Austrian group;
information to IMWAC
Paul Weitzer on behalf of the Viennese group of „Wir sind Kirche“
Translate: Paul Röttig, a member of “we are church” - Austria
Vienna, Austria, 19 January 2011.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Pink Smoke Over the Vatican”

 “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” is a 2010 film produced and directed by Jules Hart and distributed by Eye Goddess Films. The Eye Goddess Films website describes the film this way: “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican is a documentary film about the controversial movement of women seeking to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church. On June 3, 2008, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is the modern name for The Holy Office of the Inquisition, issued a sweeping order of excommunication for ‘the crime of attempting sacred ordination of a woman.’ Pink Smoke Over the Vatican chronicles the events that led up to this severe punishment and tells the stories of the determined women and men who, through the forbidden and illicit path of female ordination, are working to end the underlying misogyny and outdated feudal governance that is slowly destroying the Roman Catholic Church.” 

To read the entire article, go to:

If you go to Dec. 27 on this blog, you will find an excellent video of an interview with Jules Hart.  Also-I am looking for some volunteers to help me bring it to Atlanta.   If you are interested, contact me at add57@numail.org

The Wilkinson Report-The looming disaster of not enough priests...

  The Report commissioned by Catholics for Ministry, funded by Women and the Australian Church, and compiled by Peter J Wilkinson and published today is one of the most comprehensive assessments of the looming not just crisis, but disaster, the Catholic Church is facing across the island continent of Australia in delivering the core sacraments and pastoral care to the continually increasing Catholic population of the nation. The harsh reality facing many Catholics alive in Australia right now is that when they die in the next 10, 20 or 30 years time, their families will simply not be able to find a priest to provide them with the last rites. There will not be enough priests available across large parts of the continent, or they will be so stretched providing the last rites or pastoral care to others, that the families will have to 'make do' with the services provided inhouse by funeral directors or they will increasingly have to rely on government licensed funeral and marriage celebrants. Regular participation in the other core sacraments, including the Eucharist, particularly in the remote and regional dioceses will become a rarer and rarer event.

Although the study was completed for the Australian Church, the information can be applied to the American Church.  It is interesting that one of the sponsors of the study was  Women and the Australian Church, but in the reported test, there is no mention of women and the priesthood.  My question is:  Has the time passed already to think about "saving" any vestige of the hierarchy as it exists?  

The editors make an interesting comment when they say a small group of Bishops need to band together and upset the applecart publicly., forcing the institution into change.    Privately this has already happened with the ordination of women on the Danube River in 2002.

I find interesting tidbits here and there.  One group of priests in Bellevue, Il spoke out in public asking the bishop to release funds for victims of sexual abuse rather than carry out more litigation.....They need to be given more media attention in Catholic circles.
Belleville Priests Condemn Bishop's Action   Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 15:51 http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700112979/Priest-group-wants-diocese-to-pay-up-in-abuse-case.html?s_cid=rss-5

Full test of the Willkinson Report

Diane Dougherty  http://www.associationofromancatholicwomenpriests.org/