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Project "VATICAN III – from below“

Project "VATICAN III – from below“
Up to now, IMWAC (and Platform „We are Church“) have been continuously raising awareness
in respect to (almost) all reform themes, have arranged meetings, published books and undertaken
many other activities. However, substantial reforms have not been implemented by the leader(s)
of our Church – except for blockades. Therefore, the movement of the IMWAC is called to initiate
a last powerful endeavour. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II (from 11
October 1962 to 7 December 1965) we are preparing a VATICAN III – from below in Rome:
− 7 December 2015: solemn Public Proclamation of the documents of Vatican III
− 8 December 2015: final celebration in Rome.
The plan is to rework and complement the four Constitutions (C), the nine Decrees (D) and
the three Statements (S) of the Vatican II in the light of a new genuine “Aggiornamento” in
accordance with the requirements of the modern society and new theological knowledge. In case
of need, structural issues of these documents should be also addressed. In doing so, the tradition of
the Church has to be taken into consideration.
The documents of the Vatican II will be summarized in nine themes (see below). At least
nine country groups of IMWAC should each select one theme which they should overwork
till September 2015. A huge and important project like this cannot be completed without an
international allocation of tasks. All reform movements are cordially invited to participate in
this project. However, the Platform should be always responsible for the coordination to avoid
friction losses through uncoordinated approaches. The end results of all themes will be assembled
and finalized by the Executive Committee of the “Circle of the 12” (see time schedule below)
and approved in a three-day General Meeting in September 2015. After further amendments and
corrections, the final document will be presented to the public at a Press Conference on Friday, 4
December 2015, in Rome. For 7 December 2015, there is a Demonstration March of all Peoples
to the Vatican planned where the documents will be adopted in a Public Proclamation at St.
Peter’s Square.
Participants - 2015 in Rom
To have as many people as possible participating in the Demonstration March in Rome, it is
recommended to start with the “promotion process” as soon as possible in 2011. Our members and
sympathizing fellow-travellers should be planning a one-week holiday in Rome for the beginning
of December 2015. Our goal is to have about 450 people participating in the Demonstration
March: 100 each from Austria, Germany and Italy, and 150 from other European countries and
other continents.
The nine areas of themes for the nine country groups are proposed as follows:
(abbreviations C, D and S see above):
1. Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (C), specifically further development of
2. Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (C), specifically the theology of the “Communio”
3. Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (C), Social Communications (D) and
4. Constitution on Sacred Liturgy (C)
5. Bishops in the Church (D), specifically “Communio” and particular Churches)
6. Ecumenism (D) and Eastern Churches (D)
7. Lay People (D) and Christian Education (S)
8. Priestly Training (D) and Life of Priests (D)
9. Renewal of Religious Life (D), Religious Freedom (S) and Relations with Non-Christians (S)
Contents, Tasks and Responsibilities
Final debriefing
Great Demonstration March of the Peoples to the Vatican
and Public Proclamation of the documents of Vatican III at St.
Peter’s Square (alternative location in case of rain: church close
by or meeting hall)
Saturday/Sunday Debriefing of the Press Conference
Last preparation for Monday, 7 December 2015
Press Conference in Rome
4 December 2015
Integration of recommended changes (editorial team)
3 December 2015 Last preparations for Press Conference (list of speakers for 7
Meeting for Final Resolution in Rome (meeting hall for
Rental of the
2 December 2015 around 400 participants, with translator service); only minor
meeting room in
changes of documents possible.
End of
Final three-day General Meeting in Vienna, Munich or
September 2015 Innsbruck: resolution on all documents of the Council; till end
of October, recommended changes will be incorporated in
document by editing team
September 2014 Rental of meeting rooms and time schedules (specifically of the
Demonstration March of the Peoples) to be sent to Rome
Starting shot: publication of final distribution of tasks and
responsibilities (i.e., composition of documents of Vatican III),
simultaneous press conferences in all participating countries
April 2012
Election of the Executive Committee „Circle of the 12“: 6
board members and 6 deputies: Austria, Germany, Italy/South
Tyrol and three deputies from other countries
From October
The groups will be working on the documents taken over; in the
2011 to February case that a group or country cannot manage its task, a restitution
resp. redistribution to another group or groups will be arranged.
Finalization of tasks and responsibilities latest by March 2012.
October 2011
Distribution of tasks and responsibilities of editing the
Council’s documents to the groups resp. countries of IMWAC
June/July 2011
Resolution of IMWAC on the project in general; reflection
process on which group will be working on what themes till
October 2011
From March till Consultation within IMWAC, specifically Germany
June 2011
From February
Preliminary consultations in Vienna, in the board of the
till March 2011 Austrian „We are Church“; board resolution of Austrian group;
information to IMWAC
Paul Weitzer on behalf of the Viennese group of „Wir sind Kirche“
Translate: Paul Röttig, a member of “we are church” - Austria
Vienna, Austria, 19 January 2011.

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