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Father Doug Koesel...NCR..January 9,2009

Comment:  Here is a priest who has compassion, understanding and gets it right....dd
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January 9, 2009
T. Letters to the Editor
Sign of peace
Regarding your article “Where to put the sign of peace?” (NCR, Dec. 12): We priests will obediently implement whatever the bishops ask. But they must know that as we tend to yet another liturgical norm, we are embarrassed by their bewilderment regarding the mass exodus of Catholics from the church, their rigidity regarding the shortage of clergy, their moral ineptitude in the face of the pedophilia scandal and subsequent cover-up, consistent irrelevance during the Iraq war and the current economic crisis, their political naivet√©, their silence in the face of genocide and torture, and their failure to grasp the real struggles that the average Catholic endures daily. We priests will ask the people to stand on their heads if the bishops want us to, but these constant liturgical directives are making us look frighteningly ridiculous. Let’s hope for something more.
North Ridgeville, Ohio

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Joe Gable said...

Father Doug Koesel has a excellent grasp on the issues that are troubling many of us in the Catholic faith. We need church leaders, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope to act like Fathehr Koesel and become more a part of the life of the lay people. Stop with endless changes to the Liturgy and start with changes in how the heirarchy follows Christ teaching. We need more of our clergy, priest and nuns, to speak out about the need for the church heirarchy to address the real reasons people left the Church.