Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vatican Decree Calls Attention to the Place of Women Religious

Comment: This is the best description of how sisters interfaced with the Vatican that I have ever read. Women in the church have always worked to maintain a balancing act -moving toward Gospel ministries on the one hand and helping an uneducated and misguided hierarchy that reacts rather than listens. I love the description of the women being a Pascal candle...passing light to many while maintaining their own. What is good about this article is that it gives a slight picture of how women have renewed their lives and are renewing the church. This happened in the 19th century when they worked to build hospitals and schools...... One reflection that comes to mind is that while the women followed the gospels-men seem to want to follow the money.....perhaps this is a cultural rather than a "Catholic" reflection.
Diane Dougherty, ARCWP

"We didn't walk away agreeing," she said, "but we maintained a working relationship that kept the door open so the ministry and mission didn't suffer."


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