Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops Bully Obama with Church Dollars

Comment:  Sexism at its finest....This is bullyihng at it's finest
It is time to recognize that there ARE two Catholic Churches. This Cardinal represents less than .01% of the hierarchical arm that would take money from the poor to support a false notion that the birth control mandate is a moral threat.......The second "Catholic Church" are the 99.9% that believe this is nonsense, have used birth control since 1968 and taught our children to do the same, and see this as a domination struggle to regain their lost moral status.
One of the hallmarks of radical hierarchical is the absolute denial of reason.  Listen to the commentators talk about the issue and how the administration tries to negotiate.....Can you hear any reasonable response from the Bishop-are the 43 Bishops being reasonable?  Is this really moral?  For the most part, all Catholics using or who have used birth control need to tell the Bishops to back off.....we need to address this from the pews and get rid of the double standard.


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