Friday, May 4, 2012

This World The Shame of the Church BBC

Every Catholic has the responsibility to sit down and listen to this.  It also is incumbent on us to form our own opinions and act.  Not tomorrow -today.  This did not happen in Ireland.  It happened in every country in the world.  In part one the narrator said the priest, Father Greene, had the disease, and the bishop spread it with every move.....It was also moved by the silence of the people.  There are NO systems that alter the movement of this fraud.

Bishop Wilton Gregory in Atlanta, my bishop, is as responsible as every bishop in the USCCB.  This act of clericalism is the tip of the iceburg...there is MUCH more to this documentary that the abuse of children.  There is the abuse of women who were cowed into silence, the intimidation of women religious now threatened with the dismantling of thier system including their property, the embezzlement of monies given by the faithful, trusting there would be a place in the future for our children....our heritage.  Few know that 3.3 billion has been given over to protect pedophiles. And that is in America alone.

But most of all-this continues by the silence and docility of its members.  My new goals are to encourage the raising of all voices by the many who ARE Catholic but have moved to the fringes in light of this pronounced clericalism. 

First-there must be an examination and revision of Canon Law by all members of our faith so that the voice of laity can be heard-NOT just men....certain systems must end-no more appointments of priests to parishes.  All parishes should recieve a resume and recommendations if a priest is to be reassigned.  Any priest who tears down the life of a parish by  removing anyone from their position because they have spoken out should be removed themselves AND a balance in power between the pastor and the people of the parish should be established immediately.

In Atlanta, I would like to see a firm movement toward renewal of Vatican II parishes and am calling for preparation groups centered in a Theological discussion of Priestly Ministries for all the Baptized.  Time, tithe and talent needs to be redirected toward this effort so that in 2016, on the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II, Atlanta can go back to its original mission and reboot its efforts to build the church the Spirit has led us to form.

By ending our silence and victimization, we will engage in the healing of the church and prevent further destruction of the body of Christ. 

Diane Dougherty, ARCWP  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

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