Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vatican in Free-Fall

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vatican in Chaos after Pope's Butler Arrested for Leaks, Bank President Ousted for Negligence/,Women Priests, Married Priests, Empowered Communities Needed Now to Reform Church

"VATICAN CITY — An already sordid scandal over leaked Vatican documents took a Hollywood-like turn Saturday with confirmation that the pope’s own butler had been arrested after documents he had no business having were found in his Vatican City apartment.

The detention of butler Paolo Gabriele, one of the few members of the papal household, capped one of the most convulsive weeks in recent Vatican history and threw the Holy See into chaos as it enters a critical phase in its efforts to show the world it’s serious about complying with international norms on financial transparency. The tumult began with the publication last weekend of a book of leaked Vatican documents detailing power struggles, political intrigue and corruption in the highest levels of Catholic Church governance. It peaked with the inglorious ouster on Thursday of the president of the Vatican bank. And it concluded with confirmation Saturday that Pope Benedict XVI’s own butler was the alleged mole feeding documents to Italian journalists in an apparent bid to discredit the pontiff’s No. 2.
“If you wrote this in fiction you wouldn’t believe it,” said Carl Anderson, a member of the board of the Vatican bank which contributed to the tumult with its no-confidence vote in its president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. “No editor would let you put it in a novel.”

Bridget Mary's Reflection:
 This sordid story of  corruption and scandal has repeated itself  throughout the history of the Vatican. They would be triple X rated by today's standards. Under the white hot scrutiny of worldwide internet media coverage and thanks to the Vatican Leaks, millions know the story that is rocking the Catholic Church today. Isn't it unbelievable and evidence of a sick institution, that the Vatican is investigating the nuns? (for their support of women's ordination, gays and lesbians and birth control, which the majority of Catholics support.)
More than ever, Catholics need to wake up and take responsibility for our church, which by definition is the people of God. What options should be on the table when the Vatican is in free fall? The answer is obvious.  Reform and renewal that encompasses structural change is the only way forward. Yes, and as I have said a number of times, this must include women taking their rightful places in decision making positions as equals in an open, accountable, transparent Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered community.  It also means that the Catholic Church should follow Jesus' example of Gospel equality and reclaim our earlier tradition of married priests, and women priests as an issue of justice and prophetic obedience to the Spirit. Church leaders should be chosen by their local communities. Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday,  Now more than ever, the Catholic Church needs to affirm the gifts and ministries that the Spirit has given to all the baptized! Come, Holy Spirit,  renew our beloved faith Church with a new outpouring of your gifts!

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