Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lennon Censures Marrone in Clevelend

"Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon has issued a "Declaration of Loss of Canonical Office" to Fr. Robert Marrone for refusing to step down as pastor of the Community of St. Peter...."

Marrone says, "In the years since Lennon arrived as bishop and began the downsizing of the diocese, Marrone said, everything he had learned, worked for or “held as sacred and meaningful, has been challenged and in so many ways devalued. I have felt marginalized and dismissed by the very institution to which I have given practically my whole life. My trust has been shattered by the cold, legalistic and rigid attitude by which much of my life and my life’s work were rendered irrelevant, and by actions which I have always believed were both invalid and vindictive.”

He can now get a sense of what it has been like for so many of us to work with "hierarchical clericalists".....I feel deeply his pain.

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