Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet Our New Deacons

It is finished! Let the good work begin.

How wonderful it is to be able to experience an ordination celebration as a main participant-not an onlooker. I join my new sisters, Adele Jones, San Antonio,TX,and Wanda Russell and Miriam Picconi of Palm Coast, FL as a deacon in the Roman Catholic Women's Church Movement.

Each of us are faithful Catholics disheartened by the growing efforts to keep women from the fullness of ministry, inspite of our ability and calling.  Each of us have had full theological and ministerial training that have prepared us for this journey.  And each of us are ready to serve inour newcapacity as deacon.

Deacons are able to:

1.witness marriages,with proper registration from the state and local authorities and certification from religious organizations such as the Federationof Christian Ministries and others.

2.baptize infantsand young children, and with proper preparation from the candidate,initiate a child beyond reason or an adult into faith through baptism.

3.assist the presider at liturgy.

4.develop and enhance effective skills as a homilist.

We are pursuing state and local requirements so that we can effectively minister within our Christian and Catholic traditions.

For more information about our journey's go to:

Diane Dougherty
MiriamPicconi and Wanda Russell
Adele Jones

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Unknown said...

Still beaming from a wonderful weekend with all the new RCWP Deacons and the Spirit of Divine Ordination that is now upon all. Blessings on you, Diane and on all your fellow Deacons. Thanks for letting us be the bearers of Light at the ceremony - and for your gracious hospitality. We celebrate your courage and your witness to the call to women as Priests. Ready to "rock" ATL??? See you when you get back home.

Love, Lynn & Bob, BbD (The Holy Cooperative Order of Blessed by Default - because we all are!)