Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pfleger says he will begin to preach at other churches if his suspension isn't ended

Is this a Good Example of How to Stand Up to Hierarchical Bullies?,0,5169161.story

Comment:  In an earlier article, Cardinal George reassigned Fr. Pfleger without negotiation to a high school position to which he claims incompetence.  Fr. Pfleger was suspended because he refused to take the position and over 100 people from his parish protested in front of the Cardinal's residence. With rigid rules and non-negotiable dictates, clerics learn early on they must bend or they are made examples so that few others will try to stand by what they know is right.  This is a form of psychological error.....and is a main contributor to clerical compliance.....Good for the "other churches" that are welcoming him.....hope they are all "Catholic"..... 

Is the age of "do as I say or else"... ending?.  The cardinal's expectation for this priest does not come under  obedience.... Fr. Pfleger is giving Catholics an opportunity to exercise the use of their "formed Conscience".good for his parish' response.  Good for the broader community's response.  Good for his insistence in following what he knows to be true and good for all these readers who are entertaining new thoughts about who the real "catholic" is in this scene.

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