Saturday, July 2, 2011

What You Won't Hear in Your Parish

Oakland, CA - April 7, 2010 - Fr. Tim Stier speaks up: Five years ago, March 15, 2005, while on sabbatical after 25 years of ministry as a priest in five parishes in the Diocese of Oakland, California, I met with my bishop, Allen Vigneron, and informed him I was choosing voluntary exile from active priesthood until he was willing to initiate a public dialogue about clergy sexual abuse, the exclusion of women from the priesthood, and doctrinal and actual discrimination against gay persons.  Because I was refusing an assignment, I stopped receiving a salary, health insurance and retirement accrual.
As for my fellow priests and why we don’t hear from many of them about this crisis, they tend to place obedience to their bishop ahead of the protection of children, full inclusion of women, and justice and respect for gay persons. 

Comment:  To answer this question- they, your fellow priests, are not willing to be put in your position Fr. salary, health insurance and retirement.....if laity could attend to and solve this problem...many more would speak truth to power!  God bless you Fr. Tim....Thank you Richard Sipe for continuing to hold the flame high so I can see.

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