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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Fear of Freedom" by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea, ARCWP

Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea
"The Truth will make vou free" John 8:32

Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP

She was standing in the doorway of the exit from the women's prison, looking; spread out in front of her was the city, with its lights and colors. It was Christmas. Nobody was expecting her; they had just given her the ticket to freedom". She had no where to go. She had been deprived of liberty for 12 years... She had experienced all the unpleasantness that one lives through in a prison. The hardest -the marginalization, the rejection, the lack of affection. In a few short seconds everything passed like a movie through Rosa's brain.; nevertheless, she looks back, and sees the prison building, where she has lived all kinds of improprieties and feels like she wants to go back inside. Rosahas lost the sense of freedom; she is a wounded bird; they have clipped her wings; she has forgotten how to fly. Sheis afraid of Freedom! Where did her self-esteem go? Her dignity? Often she experienced profound depression; her tears have dried up; she looks lost. Her body trembles from headto foot; she has lost weight; she has lost stability. She spoke with the chaplain. She shared her tragedy and disgrace, the blows and injustices as well: "I'll seehow I can help you" was the response of God's representative. Once in a while she saw him around, but he never asked about her. Even the chaplain is afraid to speak out, he doesn't want to get involved; he cannot get past the threat of the loss of his official position. Many others like Rosa are living through the same situation. Depressed, paralyzed by anxiety, a psychiatrist is brought in to "help". Suddenly a cry is heard from the patio: "Come and get your meds!" There are many who approach the nurse, it's a wonder there aren't more. "Open and swallow," says the nurse. They must be taken in front of her, because the full prescription can't be administered. Those who dare, try to alleviate their aches and pains with 250 mg of Valproico or Valprosid. Rosa is about to leave; she is there at the door. She can't go back into the prison. Without knowing where to go, she begins to walk toward "the prison of freedom". A prison that doesn't welcome, give affection or security. It's the ooprison"of society, family and religion, which disdains, condemns, singles out, marginalizes her and receives her with hostility. Suddenly she remembers some friends who have already gotten out and with whom she once lived another reality; she begins to look for them on the street they mentioned and she heads there. What joy! She meets up with Laura and with Maria; at least she is acquainted with them and she has someone to talk to. They share what they have: "Come, you can rcst; tomorrow we'll keep talking" they said to her. Rosa, rested, her friends help her to summon the strength to confront the new prison''. She starts the battle to find housing and work to survive.... No vacancy ,No room, No job,, *Full up", No...No… Those of us who have traveled in the city of Medellin, prideo of Colombia have been able to see through the windows not only the beautiful city, the Festival of Flowers, but also many Rosas camped at the bank of the Medellin River, in the sewers, in improvised canopies beneath the mango trees... Without knowing their stories, we call them: delinquents, or rejects; don't mess with them; they are dangerous.... Thank God, today the Bordado a Mano (Hand-embroidered)Foundation exists, created by a woman who is an ex-convict and who like the hand of God has gone little by little searching out and rescuing her fellow former prisoners from the dregs, giving them the opportunity to recover their dignity and be witness to the Tenderness and Goodness of God, in the project of the Kingdom of God, which is coming to be Here and Now. *THE TAX COLLECTORS AND THE PROSTITUTES WILL GO AHEAD OF YOU II{TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD." Matthew 2l:28-31 Mother/Father God, your forgiveness, I dare to ask: when you say "The tax collectors and the prostitutes" (two words which include the least valued in this world) were you referring to these brothers and sisters of ours? I await your answer and I know that I already have it. Note: Out of respect for the suffering of these women, I have used fictitious names.
I will continue to post information about this journey.

Link to "Heart of the Vision" Journey with Janice Sevre Duszynska, Donna Rougeux, Dorothy Irvin in England, Germany, Rome

(left to right:Janice Sevre-Duszynska, Jules Hart, and Donna Rougeux
at showing of "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican" in Lexington Kentucky)

Blessing of Lexington Community on Janice and Donna:
Janice Sevre-Duszynska writes:"We'll meet Dorothy Irvin in London for the 100th anniversaryof ST. Joan's International Alliance. Then to Germany to visit Stuttgart and Hildegarde's place in Bingen. By train we'll travel to Bologna and then Rome where we'll meet Ree Hudson who will stay with us. In Rome we'll gather with Roy, CTA and WOC folks to do some good witnessing.We'd appreciate your prayers. I'll be videoing our journey. " Here is the link to my youtube station: Heart of the Vision.

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