Monday, November 21, 2011

Shifting Tides in Arlington, VA-Laity protests

In keeping with the Vatican's efforts to turn Catholics against each other and toward a pre-
Vatican Catholic Church, another parish is focusing on getting girls off the altar, assuming all members will continue former practices and simply pay, pray and obey......note: this church now has electronic donations.....and thinks the simple line tucked in the announcements will serve as a footnote of an inconsequential change.....

"Tucked in with announcements about a new electronic donation system and a church dinner at Margarita’s Mexican restaurant was news that Zickel, the mother of two girls, had been dreading: Corpus Christi would no longer train girls to be altar servers."

How will this change come about?
Change will come through using psythological bullying......the journalist writes:
"Mary Barnes choked up as she described watching her seventh-grade daughter serve during Mass in a white robe while the boys were switched to black ones."
Imagine both children were yours, one boy and one this the message we Catholics want to send our boys?   Does that boy want his sister treated in this fashion.....if yes, we have stepped aside to allow boys that first step in maintaining a dominance over women.....we should all make this a big issue...because this activity constitutes psychological bullying of the first a very early age and inthe name of Religion....this is not gospel is Catholic hierarchical behavior.
Long time Catholics should reflect on how this hierarchy does not use armies or the military to accomplish thier latest goals.....All they have to do is set up a parallel dynamic of unequal dimensions....which usually is aimed at laity and has been effective in driving them back to thier pews or out of the church....remember when Eucharistic ministers stood behind the altar and were moved, not so long ago, below the first step.....?

The journalist writes:
"The church is trying to hold on to its orthodox doctrine and firm worship structure while making room for cultural shifts, such as gender equality and a push by laypeople for more involvement in decision making."

"But Catholic priests ultimately hold authority in their parishes and answer only to clergy above them, not to laypeople."
I would like to rephrase this sentence, "The hierarchy is trying to hold onto its hold on "sexist practices through liturgical celebration......influencing the minds of the next generation that sexism is God's will" for Catholics because they have designed the church on that foundation.

Now...let this change come through protests from the pews......let us make clear to all Catholic clerics-they cannot and we will not let them use our children to set their agenda for maintaining male dominance in the American Church.....I hope the laity of this parish not only protest the pulpit-I hope they omit the use of "electronic donations" or any other donation until these sexist practices are STOPPED.

By Michelle Boorstein, Updated: Saturday, November 19, 5:10 PM

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