Saturday, December 31, 2011

Teacher Fired From Catholic School for Using Artificial Insemination

This is a most interesting article highlighting the treatment of women within the institution that shows the disparity in judgment of perceived wrongdoing.....

It compares the consequences of women who stretch church laws -to the consequences given to male counterparts.  When both broke church laws, the woman's livelihood was taken away, whereas the man was suspended and reassigned...The woman in this case did not break any civil law-but the man mentioned may well have broken civil laws and was reinstated a short time afterward.....In this case, the church did not allow the file to be opened for review...... very interesting.  Of greater interest is that the man administrating the firing of this woman was subject to a four year suspension for sexual abuse allegations .....

This is a great opportunity for those worldwide, who promote women's rights, to actively engage in promoting conversation about just treatment for all who work in the Church.

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