Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vatican Bullying-details included

Many have heard about the Vatican dismissal of Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba, but few have been privy to the circumstances that initiated this action.  Ever vigilant, the Australians have not allowed this to rest.Quoted from the article below:

"Released this week, independent civil and canon law reviews of the removal of Bishop Morris in May 2011 have concluded that there was a denial of "procedural fairness and natural justice" in the sacking. A retired Queensland Supreme Court judge, William Carter QC, found it "an unfair process and in breach of the principles of natural justice, [which was] offensive not only to the requirements of civil law but also to those of canon law". Carter found that the breaches were regularly exercised by three Roman dicasteries and reached as far as Pope Benedict XVI between 2006 and 2011."

Rather than staying out of the Vatican politic that allows clerics to bully its own members, they have stepped up to the plate.  Good for them.....let's see what comes next!  Perhaps others will fully examine these actions as efforts to gang up on other members and cow theminto submission.  In the past this could be done....let's hope this age has ended-for the good of the Catholic Church.
Diane Dougherty
THE TABLET | 21 January 2012

Rites and wrongs

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