Monday, August 27, 2012

Teens are confirmed by a Women Bishop and Priest in Iowa

Comment:  The community of Roman Catholic Women Priests is growing quickly.  We have two groups.  RCWP-USA and our Association.  We are the same group, but differ in styles of governance.  RCWP-USA have had their first confirmation of two teen age girls and this story is well done explaining the differences between the approach women are taking within the tradition and the approach of the present hierarchy.

The article goes on to say..."other key differences include: Roman Catholic Women Priests accept the LGBTQ community, and welcome anyone to take communion. "

And from the Confirmandi themselves....
"It is a very inclusive church and I like actually being able to have my input in the church," said Abigail Grothe, church member.
"I feel like it's a lot warmer to everybody," said Cora Bern-King, church member.
Congratulations Mary Kay Kushner and your community. dd

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