Monday, February 18, 2013

Roy Bourgeois chosen as one of six Catholic voices

Dear All:

I just received exciting news from Father Roy Bourgeois
. He has been chosen as one of six Catholic voices to be featured in next Sunday's LA Times (February 24) . There has been ongoing coverage in the LA Times about the latest cover-up of the ongoing pedophile scandal and the news about the Pope's recent resignation. An editor at the LA Times thought that it would be interesting to have 6 Catholics talk about what they would ask the incoming Pope and Roy was chosen to discuss women's ordination. His piece has been written and approved and together with the other 5 Catholics will be a full page in next Sunday's paper. The readership on Sundays is over a million people!
I am writing to ask a favor. Please forward this email and please respond to the LA Times next Sunday. They closely monitor their online traffic, there is a section for comments, so please write in, or call the editor of the op-ed page. If this goes well, Fr. Roy will be their 'go to Catholic' on women's ordination, the School of the Americas, matters of conscience and other important issues.
As many of you know Father Roy, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for his work to close the US School of the Americas,has been speaking out for women's ordination in the Catholic Church. The Vatican excommunicated him and kicked him out of the Maryknoll Order last October 2012 (he's been a priest for 40 years) for not recanting his belief that women are equal to men and can be called by God to be priests. (Meanwhile the pedophile priests have yet to be excommunicated.)
Thank you for your time,Warmly,Debra Hannula


Anonymous said...

The hierarchy must protect the "good old boys club" at any price. It doesn't really matter if a priest is a pedophile. What matters most is that the priests toe the line and don't disagree with the powers that be! This happens over and over in more ways that can be counted.

Frances Frainaguirre said...

Yeah for Father Roy!