Monday, February 7, 2011

Grandmother of women's ordination remembered

Grandmother of women's ordination remembered
by Thomas C. Fox on Feb. 04, 2011 * NCR Today

Iris Müller, one of the original seven women ordained in 2002 on the Danube River, died Jan. 30. Long time advocate of women’s equality and women’s ordination, Muller’s life story is recently captured in a book written by
Gretchen Kloten Minney, “Called: Women Hear the Voice of the Divine.” In a chapter entitled “Pioneers: Grandmothers of the Return of Women’s Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church,” Minney writes of Muller and her lifetime friend, Ida Raming, also ordained on the Danube.Minney's book provides a brief background and history of ordination within the church and tells the stories of women feel they have been called to the
priesthood. It is published by Wonder Why Publications in Broomfield, CO 80020.

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