Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Women priests demonstrate profound faithfulness to God

Created Feb 15, 2011  

by Jamie L Manson [1] on Feb. 15, 2011

Late last week, a new iPhone app designed to help Catholics prepare for the confessional made its debut. The app tailors its questions to a person’s gender and vocation. So if you punch in both “female” and “priest,” you immediately receive the message “sex and vocation are incompatible.”
The women and men featured in the new documentary Pink Smoke would beg to differ.
This weekend Pink Smoke had its debut as part of the Athena film festival hosted by Barnard College in New York. The film had been screened previously at the national Call to Action conference last November. The documentary chronicles the fight against the injustice of the ban on women’s ordination in the Roman Catholic Church.

Diane's Comment:
Anyone wanting to help bring this documentary to Atlanta, including a panel discussion in July, 2011, contact me at  We need all the support we can get.  Scroll Down to December 27 to see the trailer.

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