Saturday, February 18, 2012

Groups Condemn Appointment of Dolan

Comment:  This is a wonderful statement.  As a person, Archbishop Dolan deserves the respect his office offers him, however, in my view because his behavior and moral choices border on and may well be criminal, he needs to be treated as such and removed not promoted.  When the Vatican stacks its halls with clerics linked to criminal activity,  they vote in those who are likeminded promoting a culture of ill refute.....we should all be clear- this  practice is NOT "Catholic", it is clerical hierarchicalism.

The Clerical hierarchy has allowed itself to become a totalitarian political party that silences and eliminated reasoned voices (check Matthew Fox's list of 95), allows priests to embezzle, supports the rape our children by looking the other way and continues misogynist practices that mistreats women in every country on the planet.  We need to find a language to excise these practices from the authentic Catholic practices that bring people closer to God through full participation by all at every level within our local churches.

Diane Dougherty  2/18/12

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