Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shocked-the Bishops discover once again, they are not a social or moral force for all Catholics

Comment:  How difficult it is for the Bishops to understand laity and clergy are and have been making decisions about "sexuality" that have nothing to do with their supposed "doctrine".   From 1968 to today, they seem consistently shocked that their "faithful" listen to their words and are  not putting them in practice.

The real question is "Have the Bishop's ever been a believable voice on this subject? Are they really moral, asking Catholics to accept all children as God's gifts when the recievers of those "gifts" fully understand they do not have the means to raise their children?  Catholics today are more educated, spiritual and aware of their social and moral responsibilities.  Perhaps the bishops should take time out to catch up......

Kudos to the LCWR.  They have a pulse on the many who struggle with this daily and the consequences of living in the Bishop's double bind.  It is refreshing to have their decision in print. 

“Once marginalized as a social force, the Catholic Church's position as a moral and social conscience for the country will quickly be diminished. Is this the intent of your membership?”


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