Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vatican Lays A Cunning Trap

Comment:  What is at Stake for the Sisters.  History is repeating itself.  Shame on the Vatican.

My thoughts:  What if they don't submit, regroup and become the face of the Official Church!  Catholic in a New Way....Catholic in a real way.  They would be joining a multitude who are already deeking a new way.

If they don't submit, if the sisters disband the LCWR and regroup in a configuration beyond Church control, then the official Church will claim that they aren't really Catholic any more.

If the Vatican would declare any group of sisters to be outside the Catholic Church, then those sisters might risk losing anything their communities had accrued over the years -- housing, savings, medical care.

Even more significantly for many, sisters who have never considered themselves anything but Catholic would find themselves banished.
The sisters of the LCWR face two basic choices: submission or exile.

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