Sunday, June 3, 2012

Severity of the Vatican's hostile takover of LCWR exposed

Comment: “stunned by the severity”       Few understand what this "severity" means.....

(Interview by Barbara Bradley Haggerty)
HAGERTY: "That's right. It's appointed Archbishop Peter Sartin of Seattle to reform the Leadership Conference. Now, over the next five years, Sartin will rewrite the group's statutes. He will approve or reject every single speaker that the women invite to their meetings. He's going to have control over their publications. He's going to review their connections with outside groups, like a social justice group called Network, and decide whether those connections are appropriate. You know, one sister told me it's like a hostile takeover. Sartin says it's a great opportunity for collaboration."

I have long come to understand that there is NO collaboration with Hierarchical Clericalism....any cleric who believes this can happen holds nto a false notion.....Hierarchcal Clericalism is an intrinsic mental illness in the heart and minds of clerics.....If Sartain believes he will be able to bridge the gap between the gospel and the Vatican as it exists today...he is misguided.....and it will prove fruitless...Diane Dougherty

Diane Dougherty (listen)

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