Saturday, October 27, 2012

For some journalists the only good and interesting nun is a former and dissenting one....

Bridget Mary's Response: Carl E. Olson's attack on the media for its comprehensive coverage of the ordination of Diane Dougherty of Atlanta, a former nun, exhibits the hubris of male chauvinist misogyny. It is wonderful that both print and television media covered it as one the top stories on Oct. 20th, 2012.. The media gets it that the the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is leading the church in the footsteps of Jesus who called both women and men as disciples and equals. (Luke 6) The Risen Christ appeared first to Mary of Magdala, and called her to proclaim the central dogma of Christianity, the Resurrection. Jesus did not ordain anyone, male or female. Journalists are covering this spiritual revolution because women's ordination is a core issue of human rights and gender justice that is good news not only to Catholics but to millions of people worldwide. Yes, Carl E. Olson, the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement is a "holy shakeup" whose time has come! Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp,

"For some journalists, the only good and interesting nun...."

"Finally, something that strikes me as quite interesting is how journalists who normally wouldn't bother with anyone claiming to have a direct line to God's heart and mind, will soak it up when it comes to women seeking "ordination":

Diane Dougherty's Response:
Mr. Olson clearly pointed to the exact issues I wanted to raise in the many interviews I had:

First, he addressed the five personal references I experienced that helped me come to terms with the heinious evil of "clericalism.

He rightly noted that I came to the conclusion that, "from generation to generation clericalism’s all-male-elite hierarchy dominates Catholicism. It acts as a virus, spreading through healthy people and communities, dividing them, setting one person or group against another..."

But he wrongly concluded I believed that "Jesus was all about "clericalism". On the contrary.....every gospel reference exposes Jesus disgust for those who supposedly speak for God and promote inequality in relationship.

I was glad he showed an understanding of the evil of clericalism when he wrote, "This is not to deny that actual clericalism is not a problem; it is, and it probably always will be." But when he went into what the church teaches....I would like to clarify it is not "the Church" that teaches this-rather the hierarchy.....there is a huge distinction today between the "sensus fidelium" , the voice of the faithful.....and what the hierarchy is teaching....The exodus of 33 million Catholics from the American church gives witness to this grave reality.....And during these political times, the "Catholic" vote sheds a bright light on "Catholic" thought and the divergent thinking of its faithful....

He addressed the hierarchy's teaching saying women and men are "distinct but equal" The argument is similar to the argument given in the south when blacks were housed in separate schools, lived in separate neighborhoods and ofered low paying jobs. They were "separate, but equal" -same construct that created the same false this is seen for the false notion it was in that time. I can only hope the hierarchy's notion that women are "distinct and equal..." will be seen by the next generation for the false notion it is today.

In healthy marriages, women stand on equal footing with their partners....together they define their roles after marriage-society and culture no longer have a say....So it will be in the church, women will stand on equal footing with their male counterparts. We are equally called and structures need to change to honor this call. Empowered women ARE truly feminine and unique...what needs to erode are all frameworks that allow anyone to buy into false notions that allow one gender to define the framework for the other gender......We are seeking out counterparts that want to reframe false notions of "Catholic" projected by an inequality that disrupts and corrupts our church. Hopefully those called to renew the priesthood based in gender equality will step forward and work with us. 


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