Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Citizen of Fayetteville, GA


TGrim said...

Diane Daugherty!! Oh, I hope you see this post. I can't believe it! I was driving to work this morning and heard your name and voice on the radio!! I immediately called both Meghan and Macy and told them the news!! I don't know if you remember us, the Grim's. You were a Kindergarden teacher at St. Joe's at the time. Macy was a kindergardener that year. My husband, and her dad, lost his brother that year in a car accident. You were amazingly kind and had the kids plant a garden in his memory. You actually also taught me to be a Sunday School teacher!! I have to say that I am so proud to know you. And I am so happy you are following your calling! Please know that you have our support and prayers. You are changing history. I have to tell you, back when my girls were small, Meghan asked me why women couldn't be priest! This feels like an amazing full circle moment. I will be thinking of you during this beautiful time. All our love!
Clint, Tammy, Meghan, Macy, and Gage Grim

Anonymous said...

Changing history, yes! FORGING OUR FUTURE. So one day, little girls will not have to ask that question. There was a time when little girls asked "why can't women vote? Why can't women be doctors? Why can't women own their own homes?" And the list goes on. No more. Diane and the other female deacons and priests are pioneers. We must continue to support this with all our might and right this wrong, make people see. Thank you Diane for being brave enough to do this!!!!