Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Real Reason behind the Papal Resignation

Catholic Clergy Child Abuse Investigations Since 2005 ... and a Papal Resignation
Patrick J. Wall Feb.11, 2013
The German Pope's resignation today as the Bishop of Rome (for health reasons) is the final lie in his Papacy. Since 2005, Benedict XVI's church has been the subject of more civil and criminal inquiries of the Church since the time of the Protestant Reformation.
Just look at the sheer volume of child abuse and financial abuse inquiries during Benedict XVI's reign. The real story is how these worldwide child abuse inquires brought on the first resignation of a healthy Pope in eight centuries.
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Anonymous said...

He just wants a smaller church and he'll get it once all the thinking/caring Catholics leave. If I were Pope, I'd immediately do 3 things: Castration for any pedophiles and for those covering it up. 2)No more politics. Leave your political persuasions at the door and don't support either side through the pulpit.Lastly, recognition of all the great work women have done and permit women priests and married priests. Then I'd probably be poisoned as was JP the first!