Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Dougherty's are in the News This Week

 Five Dougherty's are in the News This Week   8/13/2011

Five “Dougherty’s” have been in the news this week, three for criminal behavior and two for questionable behavior.  All have challenged existing social systems.  
The first three are siblings in their 20’s.  Society will try the young adults in a court of law for “…. attempted murder of a police officer in two Colorado counties, ….and for shooting at police in Florida, and robbing a bank in Georgia.”
The other two are committed to Catholicism and are causing tension and stress on that system as it exists today.  One is following questionable external authority,- the other says she is following a  long standing internal authority.  Both stand on opposite ends of a balance, but will cause others to place their existing systems out of whack.  One is following orders from a hierarchy above them; the other is following a well formed conscience that challenges that hierarchy and the pseudo-authority it promotes.  Both have deep-seated beliefs that they are acting in good faith. Both have had their names splashed over the globe.
Edward Dougherty is the general superior of the Maryknoll’s, a  global religious and missionary community grounded in gospel mandates committed to promote Catholic Social teaching.  He is following the Vatican requests by delivering a second canonical warning to one of his brothers, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, who advocates for Women’s Ordination.  Fr. Roy has refused to recant, forcing Dougherty to give his brother notice that he must get off the gospel tightrope and join the hierarchical status quo.  Bourgeois says he is following his informed conscience.  If God calls women and they respond, how can the hierarchy say they can’t?  The hierarchy is not God.  I wonder if Ed feels the Vatican pressure is adding to the community’s mission of being a visible gospel witness of Christ’s mandate to live justly?  Or, does he really understand he is being put in that schizophrenic double bind, suspended in the “damned if I act and damned if I don’t “ mode.  To me, the very request is an act of psychological terrorism.
Diane Dougherty, that is me, stands with her brother Roy and a growing number of women who belong to the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests.  We have defied the Vatican’s unjust social teaching and followed the gospel mandate to work toward justice and equality for all within the institution.  Sexism and its practices are not part of the gospel mandate-it is just that simple.  In this time, in this age, we stand together making a wedge in the oppressive psychological chain that has caused women of the past to bend and tow under the hierarchy’s thumb.
I believe a broad range of Catholics are making a shift  unprecedented in any age of human history, and “The Dougherty’s”, whose religious call and passion have stood as candle bearers of the gospel could be the primary cause that shifts the minds and hearts of a broad range of people. 
Because we do not know our future, we can only ask the question-which Dougherty will prevail-Ed Dougherty, who is following orders that will lead a religious populace to believe God cannot and will not call women to serve; or, Diane Dougherty, who moved 23 years through the Catholic population as a Sister, 23 years in the service of Catholics as committed lay ecclesial minister and now as an ordained deacon?
Roy Bourgeois is a guiding light for Catholics.  He is a prophet, like John, bearing witness to a new order.  He has seen clearly that God does call women, and by their fruits, you shall know them.  The Dougherty’s have thrust the Catholic population in a “Catholic vice” of sorts, as the Vatican turns the screws.  The unimagined psychological tension is hurtful for all who refuse to go elsewhere.  It is said the largest religion in America is the Catholic Diaspra, the 33 million Catholics who no longer practice religion, but claim Catholicism as their own.  The Pope is satisfied that Catholicism will become smaller and purer.  For my part, this translation means it will maintain sexist practices as intrinsic to Catholic Social Teaching.
Clear thinkers, clear prayers, clear people of God will know this is false teaching.  A growing number of us  will stand firm, choosing the tension and not backing off.  By standing firm, all the baptized will eventually be challenged to make their own shift.  Only time will tell which Dougherty will tip the balance.
Diane Dougherty,  Association of Roman Catholic Priests,


Anonymous said...

I had noticed an awful lot of Doughertys in the news lately! You draw a good comparison about the "Catholic vice" many, including you, are in. I often describe myself as "schizophrenic",being pulled away from my Catholic faith in many directions.
Marty Hughes

lamp : ) said...

Yes, the Doughertys have the day this week. May only the Blessed Fruits of the Holy Spirit [goodness, kindness, gentleness, trust, love, joy, peace and self control] prevail.... I know Diane has these in abundance, as does Roy -- and many of my friends who are among the RCWP journey. God Speed to us all! --and, Diane, check out my FB friend, Anne Dougherty... she also speaks truth with wisdom and grace... must be part of your shared heritage... Perhaps the head of Marynoll will rediscover this part of himself, too, as the stakes get clearer and Holy Spirit pushes the edge... for all of us.

Diane Dougherty said...

Thanks LAMP, I will get in touch with Anne and have sent this leer with a note to my "cousin" Ed....will post that later.