Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEW The Breakup: Why Ireland Is No Longer the Vatican's Loyal Follower

Laity are Bystanders No More......
Far from winding down, this crisis blossoms. The next generation will not look toward the hierarchy for moral authority.  In this article, the Catholic lay leaders give voice.....this is not anti Catholic-it is anti hierarchy.....because they have refused to lead us, protect our children or bend in sorrow for their misdeeds.

The Breakup: Why Ireland Is No Longer the Vatican's Loyal Follower,8816,2085306,00.html

Indeed, Kenny's attack carries more weight for ordinary Irish Catholics because he leads the traditionally staunchly Catholic party Fine Gael. "It was not an anti-Catholic speech, but was pro-children and pro-Ireland," Madden says. "The fact that his speech will probably not lose Kenny a single vote — but will most likely gain him some — is a sign of a shift from excessive deference in political circles and wider culture," Says Michael Kelly, deputy editor of the Irish Catholic newspaper. Thanks to more than a decade of horrific abuse scandals, the Vatican's power over ordinary Irish Catholics has grown weaker and weaker. "There has been an absolute loss of moral authority for the Church, and Catholics will increasingly privatize their faith — keeping their distance from and not looking to the hierarchy as previous generations did," Kelly says.(See why the Pope's apology may not be enough.)

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