Sunday, April 22, 2012

The instructive timing of the crackdown on nuns

Comment:  Melinda Henneburger gets right into Vatican politics, unfolding information that will directly stack the deck toward retrenchment from Vatican II as it's 50th anniversary aproaches.  Think of the movement as you read the Lefebvre Society of Ultra-conservative priests are welcomed to bolster the Vatican's politics, while Seatle's Archbishop gets the assignment to lead the crack down on 57,000 women religious who are and have been serving the people of God  bypassing the dictates the Vatican tries to impose on Catholics.  If the Pope is not aware, Catholics, like the sisters, are following the Gospel and their informed conscience.  We faithfully engage in all issues, and tend not  to go along with the Vatican's efforts to use Catholicism as their political football.  These are tactics causing force and fear.  Hopefully they will galvanize intelligent Catholics who will see them for what they are. 
Diane Dougherty, ARCWP

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