Friday, April 20, 2012

Peoria bishop compares Obama's actions to Stalin, Hitler

Comment:  To me, this is just frightening.  An American Bishop, who has been appointed to lead Catholics in America, inflames a population over a directive on contraception that 98% of that population ignores.  An American Bishop, using politics to drive home a doctrine that belongs to their 1%, denying the 98% of their own population access to coverage because "they said so". 
Catholics-please look at this for what it really is-a distraction from one of the real issues-American Bishops have in a sense embezzled the legacy we charged them with by trying to fend off the courts that would hold them accountable for their active role in housing and protecting pedophiles. The latest statistics say their actions cost Catholics-the 99%,  3.3 billion dollars....and this number is rising as well as 33 million who are just turning away.  We need to place our attention and voice where it needs to be.....our children-are they choosing Catholicism as a spiritual way of life.....are your churches actively supporting them on their life's journey.....? 
And reflect further on this accusation- if 98% of the Catholic population will continue to use contraceptives inspite of that the Bishop's say, why would these Bishops use social services that serve the poor, merely to "get their message across?"  Obama is not closing services to anyone-but to get their message across, the Bishops are denying others needed access.....  Is this not bullying? 
Since 1968, the hierarchy has drawn a line in the sand about contraception, and since then, so has the laity.  Both have gone their own way and now the bishops have become vocal without lay participation and cooperation-the majority of laity use, if the people of the Church do not believe the docrtine, don't agree with the doctrine, is it a doctrine-or a false notion?  The hierarchy had best go back to the drawing board and revisit the issue....
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Peoria bishop compares Obama's actions to Stalin, Hitler
The Anti-Defamation League wants an apology from Peoria's bishop following a recent homily comparing President Barack Obama's policies to those of despots Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
During the message at St. Mary's Cathedral in Peoria, Roman Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky contended social services for Catholics could be eliminated if Obama's directive to include contraceptives in health insurance continues. Jenky went on to compare the actions to past cultural wars against the Catholic Church.
“Remember that in past history other governments have tried to force Christians to huddle and hide only within the confines of their churches like the first disciples locked up in the Upper Room,” Jenky said.
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In comparison, he pointed to Otto von Bismarck's "culture war against the Roman Catholic Church, closing down every Catholic school and hospital, convent and monastery in Imperial Germany."

“Clemenceau, nicknamed ‘the priest eater,’ tried the same thing in France in the first decade of the 20th Century," Jenky said. "Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and health care."

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