Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pink Smoke Over Santa Barbara

Comment: “You can’t be empowered and then disempower yourself,” Dunn said.   How true How true.  And their final response hits a target for all of us....“We waited and waited and waited for the Church to invite us in,” explained Dunn. “Now we’re saying, ‘Here we are.’”

Congratulations to the Church of the Beatitudes, and the community of Santa Barbara.  Wonderful congratulations to Jeanette and Suzanne who are carrying out thier mission in truth, guided by faith and love.

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ON THE COVER: Roman Catholic Womenpriests Jeannette Love (left) and Suzanne Dunn.

Pink Smoke over S.B.: Women Priests Defy Vatican (Nick Welsh)

"Dunn and Love cut their teeth theologically when Pope John XXIII (above) was ushering in the groundbreaking reforms of Vatican II 49 years ago. Since then, they contend, successive popes have beaten a steady retreat from Vatican II. “You can’t be empowered and then disempower yourself,” Dunn said."

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