Friday, March 16, 2012

Bishops 'helped sway' Komen to anti-Planned Parenthood policy

Comment:  "I have never seen the Catholic Church..."  I would edit this to I have never seen the is not in sinc with the people of God.....and hasn't for decades.  The hierarchy has moved an evangelical politic into our churches without any discussion.....and we are simply "bound to agree or leave..."  What happens if we simply stand still and say "not so.."

"During my entire life, in the church and out of it, I have never seen the Catholic Church fight so hard for something as they have fought contraception and, yes, abortion. Poverty, social justice, civil rights—there are plenty of pronouncements against all, but I never seem to hear of anyone being threatened with excommunication or denied communion for being a racist, or treating the poor like crap, or being pro-death-penalty. ....... And we've been getting this, unrelenting, for decades."

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