Sunday, March 11, 2012

If Jesus Came Today to the Roman Catholic Church, Would He Cleanse the Temple Again?

Comment:  This piece is particularly insightful.  Thank you Bridget Mary for highlighting what is truly hierarchical "dirty laundry" ....for all onlookers that have not been able to put this together, here it is.....

While I do not stand with them at all-I do not condone the actions or practices and I maintain their direction is NOT Catholic, as part of the body, I am attacked by their illness. The actions of this hierarchy can be likened to an organic socially transmittable virus spreading to all the parts of the body, threatening its health and welfare.

If Jesus Came Today to the Roman Catholic Church, Would He Cleanse the Temple Again?

If Jesus came today to the Roman Catholic Church, would he cleanse the Temple again? Would he be angry with the bishops over their battle to be exempt from paying for contraception for women who work for Catholic universities and hospitals? Would he tear up the new Roman missal that states that he died for the many, not for all? Would he lament the global sexual abuse cover-up and the shabby treatment of many survivors by the hierarchy? Would he protest the shuttering of parishes and schools? Would he be outraged at the treatment of gays and lesbians? Would Jesus stand in solidarity with women priests and their supporters who have been excommunicated and harshly punished by the hierarchy? Would he challenge Fr. Ed Doughterty, the Superior of Maryknoll, for his cooperation with the Vatican in supporting the removal of Fr. Roy Bourgeois from the Order? Would Jesus call the people of God to rise up for all victims of injustice including those in the Roman Catholic Church? It is time to cleanse the Temple again!
John 2: 13-25

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