Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vatican Assesses Ireland?

Comment:  When the blind assess the blind, does the assessment point toward a clearer vision or deepened blindness?

Vatican report gives blunt assessment of Church crisis in Ireland

Catholic World News
March 20, 2012

 The apostolic visitation involved six different teams, led by prelates from other countries, investigating the four archdioceses of Ireland, the formation of priests, and the religious orders.
Comment:  Those "appointed" are from the same culture.  Does anyone really thing they can reflect on wrongdoing appropriately.....they are all too intrenched!

The apostolic visitation came as the Church in Ireland faced a storm of criticism in the wake of reports that showed many bishops had failed to curb sexual abuse by priests,......... In a letter to the Church in Ireland, released on March 19, 2009, the Pontiff had expressed his horror “regarding the sinful and criminal acts that were at the root of this particular crisis.”
Comment:  This pope and the previous pope have then and are now doing the same thing. By stalling the process until statutes of limitations end, by refusing to attend to the culture of intimidation, by maintaining male domination and absolute authority, and appointing those who "agree" with this stance, the Vatican today is no more than a totalitarian state.....dictating its will not the gospel.

However, the report also found that substantial progress has been made in recent years to remedy the problem.
Comment:  What the Vatican terms substantial and the substantial progress needed are two different determinations.

Maeve Lewis, the director of One in Four, said: "The Vatican could have used this document to acknowledge its responsibility in helping to create the culture that led to the purposeful cover-up of the sexual abuse of children, so that the prestige of the Church was protected at the expense of children."
Comment:  Note-there is no admission of guilt, no responsibility taken and therefore no change....this hierarchy is not "Catholic"  it is clerical and sick! Prone to spreading more illness-not the gospel.


The struggles of the Church in Ireland, and the sweeping criticism of the country’s hierarchy, had given rise to reports that the Vatican might cut down the number of diocese in the country........ with a view to adapting diocesan structures to make them better suited to the present-day mission of the Church in Ireland.”
Comment:  What do people have to say about this....?  With no hierarchical reform-we just get fewer dioceses and parishes and it is not stronger...only smaller and sicker!

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