Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hierarchical Bullying-Once Again, the Catholic Mark is missed

Comment:  When the hierarchy of a Catholic High School in New Jersey cancelled the production of The Laramie Project, they once again missed a chance to highlight and focus on the true meaning of Catholicism.....All are Welcome.  The discovery, discussion and full meaning of this "truth" has been lost when the hierarch's closed down the production.....perhaps there are two lessons to be learned here by youth.  The first-these are NOT leaders that share Catholic faith they are Hierarchs that are misplacing their false beliefs that ' "Catholic" Equals Adherance to Hierarchical Practices' with the gospel message of equality and inclusivity.  Second, the Spirit moves in circles hierarch's do not approve's hoping these youths and their parents see this action for what it really exercise in hierarchical bullying.

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